Close WindowCBC News - Excellence in Journalism Award 2004

The Excellence in Journalism award is not an award for specific coverage of one event. This award is unique as it is based on an assessment of an entire journalistic organization. That said, coverage on the war in Iraq during 2003 featured prominently in submissions from news organizations with a national mandate. There is no doubt that the recipient of this award came through this test of its news and current affairs operations with flying colours. The award recipient used the 2003 coverage of the war in Iraq to illustrate its courage and independence, its spirit of journalistic enterprise and public service and its originality to demonstrate excellence in journalism for the balance of 2003.

Actually, we come to expect nothing short of excellence from this broadcaster who consistently meets the high expectations and demands of its audience. The award, for excellence in journalism in 2003, is an opportunity to show how a particular news organization is recognized and appreciated by Canadians and in this instance - Canadian journalists, business people and opinion leaders.

Tony Burman accepted the Excellence in Journalism Award for CBC News.