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June 4, 2014


Thank you to the host of the CJF Awards
Lisa LaFlamme
Chief anchor and senior editor of CTV National News


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Excellence in Journalism Award Winners
Toronto Star (large media category): Acceptance speech
Vancouver Observer (local media category): Acceptance speech
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Lifetime Achievement Award
Peter Bregg Acceptance speech, tribute video
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CJF Aboriginal Journalism Fellowship
Chantelle Bellrichard: Acceptance speech
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The Landsberg Award
Janet McFarland: Acceptance speech
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Greg Clark Award
Katie May: Acceptance speech
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Tom Hanson Photojournalism Award
Hannah Yoon
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Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy
Gillian Steward: Acceptance speech







CJF Tribute to Investigative Journalism
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From left: Kevin Donovan, Karen Kleiss, Grant Robertson, Adrienne Arseneault, Anne Panasuk, Luc Tremblay  and Robert Fife of CTV News. Not pictured: Robyn Doolittle, Darcy Henton and Jacquie McNish.

"Fatal Care"
Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald
Karen Kleiss, Edmonton Journal
Acceptance speech

Mike Duffy Secret Deal and
Wright/Duffy Deal
Robert Fife
CTV News
Acceptance speech

"SNC-Lavalin : Service Secret"
Luc Tremblay and Anne Panasuk
Enquete, Radio-Canada
Acceptance speech

"Rob Ford in 'Crack Cocaine'
Video Scandal

Kevin Donovan and Robyn Doolittle
Toronto Star
Acceptance speech

"Lac-Megantic: An Investigation
into the Disaster and its Causes"

Jacquie McNish and Grant Robertson
The Globe and Mail
Acceptance speech

"Canadians in Algerian Gas
Plant Attack Identified"

Adrienne Arsenault
The National, CBC News
Acceptance speech


William Southam Journalism Fellowships

John Fraser (left), outgoing Master of Massey College, and Hugh Segal, incoming Master of Massey College, with the 2014 William Southam Journalism Fellows: Lisa Godfrey, Sarah Lazarovic, Catherine Solyom and Angela Sterritt. Not pictured: Samuel Awami

Samuel Awami
The Citizen (Tanzania)
Gordon N. Fisher Fellow
Sarah Lazarovic
Freelance visual journalist
Kierans Janigan Fellow
In memory of Val Ross
Lisa Godfrey
Q, CBC Radio
CBC/Radio-Canada Fellow
Catherine Solyom
The Montreal Gazette
Webster McConnell Fellow
Angela Sterritt
CBC North
St. Clair Balfour Fellow


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