Discussion" The celebration of great journalists and the celebration of the organizations that encourage them is important — we need to keep doing that, it matters. We need to remind each other that what we're doing is worthwhile and it's worthwhile looking for stories right here in our own backyard and beyond."
Anna Maria Tremonti, host of CBC Radio One's The Current


Discussion"The CJF Award is one of those things you want to see on your mantle. I'm always excited to be at a night like this it's like old home week, and a great opportunity to applaud your colleagues."
Lisa LaFlamme, chief anchor and senior editor of CTV National News


Discussion" It's not like the other awards that are sort of subjective in a sense--who has the best newscast or who has the best newspaper. What (the CJF) is aimed at is accomplishment. You've got everyone who's anyone in the business here, and to have the tribe gather is always a good thing and it reassures us that we're all still on the right side of the grass -- not underneath it but on top of it." - Tom Clark, host of Global News' The West Block


Discussion" I would say that anything that recognizes good work in journalism is important and valuable. It's a tough environment, particularly in the newspaper business these days, and so to be nominated, to be recognized, I think is good for morale in a tough time."
Steve Maher, national columnist, Postmedia News



Discussion"Truthfully, the thing I love most about this night is you meet everyone, everyone gets to reunite after a year. (The CJF) always choose the right people and they get it right. They're not afraid to aim really high in who they want to give prizes to."
- Heather Mallick, columnist, Toronto Star


Discussion"My job is easy — I come here to be inspired by people. I sit and talk on the radio in a very safe space in the studio and it's a lot of fun and we do some interesting things, but you meet people at these events that make you raise the bar a lot higher and make you feel lucky and lazy at the same time. That's why it's important to me."
- Matt Galloway, host of CBC Radio One's Metro Morning

Discussion"We know what we do is important, we know great work when we see it and I think it's good to gather around a campfire and celebrate excellence in our midst. Because it's dark out there and it's nice to sit around a warm, nice, bright campfire and tell stories about the great things that we've done."."
- David Carr, business columnist and culture reporter, The New York Times