Entrants must indicate which of the two categories they represent: large media organization or small media organization. The category is determined by the size of staff for reporting, production, technical and presentation support and the staff a news outlet can draw upon within any larger organization of which they are a part. There is a $100 application fee for large media organizations and a $50 application fee for small media organizations.

1. Large media organization - More than 50 employees
2. Small media organization - 50 employees or less

An online application form will be available when this award opens in mid-January, 2015. The deadline will be February 17, 2015.

The submission should answer the following questions. Each response may be a maximum of 150 words. Consideration is given to responses in ALL categories:

Provide a brief synopsis of the work submitted.

1.     Describe the extent of work that went into the production of the story or series.
2.     Explain why your news organization selected this topic.
3.     Describe with supporting evidence the impact of the story/stories, including identifying the specific communities affected.    
4.     Detail the resources in time and numbers dedicated to the work submitted, compared to the overall resources of the news organization.
5.    From this list of standards for excellence in journalism, select up to three that are most applicable to your submission and explain why you selected each of them (maximum allowed: 300 words)  :
-    Originality
-    Courage
-    Independence
-    Accuracy
-    Social responsibility
-    Accountability
-    Diversity

In evaluating each qualifying entry, judges will consider:
•    Quality of writing/storytelling
•    Clarity of work submitted
•    Stated impact on community


If you have questions, please contact Natalie Turvey, CJF executive director, at nturvey@cjf-fjc.ca.